Polymer Clay Vessel  & Embellished Cover 




One glass container
Polymer clay
Pasta Machine or rolling Pin
Powdered irridescent pigment
 Texture Stamp 
Embellishment for the cover.


First I conditioned the clay by running it through the pasta machine several times. I used Alizarin Crimson clay on the sample with the bone & ivory accents and Ochre on the one with the Black onyx accents.( see finished samples at bottom of the page) These three pictures (below) show how I covered the small glass jars. I tried to move these around in my hands and push the clay to get even covering. Next I trimmed all around the top to neaten up the edge of the rim.

                      tutorialvessel2.jpg (39373 bytes)            tutorialvessel3.jpg (23957 bytes)


Next I placed the open top of the jar on the rolled out piece of clay and lightly impressed the round top on the clay. For the Cover I cut one piece inside of the impressed line and one piece on the outside of the impressed line. This made a fitted lid. ( see Below)


  tutorialvessel6.jpg (23785 bytes)         tutorialvessel7.jpg (27758 bytes)       tutorialvessel8.jpg (31232 bytes)


     Next I used one of our Background Texture stamps with a releasing fluid (glycerin) on it and textured all around the bowl and the top of the cover. Then I applied the Irridescent powder on with my fingertips. I used three different colors -- gold, copper and a little silver-lavender. I rubbed this into and all over the piece.
     I then followed the baking instructions that came with my clay. I used Premo (30 minutes at 265 degrees). 

     Next I drilled a hole in the center of the cover and Embellished with wires and glass and stone beads and donut shapes and some antique ivory and bone pieces.


                                        tutorialvessel10.jpg (26121 bytes)


     This is how I embellished the covers. You could use other items or just a little decoration with other clay.  It was a fast and fun project and it would make a really nice gift.


                 tutorialvessel12.jpg (74083 bytes)         tutorialvessel13.jpg (108549 bytes)         vessel2.jpg (60567 bytes)        vessel4.jpg (64911 bytes)


                           Class and Samples  by Margot Behsman